16 November 2016

Make your own christmas stockings

 I did these stockings for the kids a few years ago. They were quite easy to make. They got to choose their own images and they love hanging it up every year.

What you need:

  • 2 different types of fabric
  • Fabric transfer paper
  • A printer
  • Iron
  • Sawing machine or you can hand sew

What you do:

First you draw a template out of paper, cut it out and use it to draw the template on to 4 pieces of fabric. Add an extra cm for sawing. Remember to make it extra long, so you can fold the top down on itself. 2 of each kind of fabric. Then you place the two outside pieces of fabric in the middle, and the inside parts on the outside. You then sew around the stocking until you get to the top. You then need to fold the inside out before you continue sewing. Add a loop made out of the same fabric for hanging.

When the stocking is done, you add your image to the sock. Print on the fabric transfer paper (remember to print it mirrored), and then iron it on. Voila - a personalized stocking your kids will appreciate.

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