15 November 2016

Decorate a candle

Decorate a candle and give as a present. Perfect last minute present if you are invited for dinner, and don't have a hostess gift.

You need:

  • A candle
  • A napkin with a design you like
  • An iron
  • Grease proof paper

What you do:

Cut out the design you want from the napkin. A napkin consist of several layers of paper. Peel of the layers that don't have the design on. Put the iron on a low setting. Place the design on the candle, and put the grease proof paper on top. Gentle use the iron to melt the design into the wax. Move the iron so it does not melt too much. After the whole design has stuck to the candle evenly (you might have a few attemts before you get this right), giftwrap in cellophane and put a nice bow on it. Voila! Ready to be the star of the party!

Remember to never leave any candle unattended!

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