29 November 2016

Advent calendar

This years advent calendar is a combinations between presents and activities. Each day they get a bag with an activity we are going to do, and something related to that activity. The "tree" the presents are hanging on are made from old branches we found in the forest, and then we decorated it with fairy lights.

Sorry about the picture quality - it is hard to take pictures in Norway now, because it is dark when I go to work, and dark when I come home from work. I prefer to take picture in natural light, but since there is none, they turned out like this.

Some of this years activities will be:

  • Going to the theatre (the tickets)
  • Buying Christmas presents (a wallet)
  • Going to a Zoo (necklace with an animal)
  • Going to the fun fair (mittens)
  • Going to the cinema (candy)
  • Making a bird feeder (the building kit)
  • Decorating the Christmas tree (an ornament)
  • Chopping a Christmas tree (tiny christmas tree)
  • Baking ginger bread men (a cookie cutter)
  • Making key rings for the family (key ring kit)
  • Making a bead necklace (the beads)
  • Play land (some candy for energy!!!)
  • Writing letters to santa (funny pens)
  • Going to the swimming pool (bathing suit)
  • Go for a walk with flashlights (the flash lights)
  • Game night (a game)
  • The night before Christmas Box (the box: with movies, Christmas pajamas, popcorn and so on)
  • Treasure hunt (the clues, and the treasure at the end)
  • Legoday (lego figures)
  • Making a pavlova desert (meringue)

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