15 November 2016

Activity Advent Calendar

The last few years we have had activity advent calendars. Each day they have opened an envelope with a note describing what activity we were going to do that day. My son has actually prefered the activity to presents. The year we did presents, he got a bit tired of the presents, and got tired of the small presents...he wanted bigger gifts each day. 

Last years advent calendar

If you want to create your own activity calender - here are a few ideas:

  • Gamenight
  • Write a wishlist for Santa
  • Skype a friend
  • The Childrens day (children get to decide)
  • Movie night
  • Make a cabin in the living room
  • Go hide and seek
  • Santas workshop
  • Sledging
  • Skating
  • Baking
  • Christmas marked
  • Decorate a christmas tree
  • Visit to a swimming pool
  • Treasure hunt
  • Make a snow man
  • Go to a restaurant
  • Make a ginger bread house
  • Make bird food/bird feeder
  • Take a gelli baff
  • Go for a walk with a flash light
  • Make a desert
  • Make a necklace
  • Make keyrings
  • Storytime (read christmas stories)
  • Cinema
  • Theatre

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